Back acne scar treatment

The seven different ways of back acne scar treatment

Back acne scars often build from very deep, scratched or ruptured cyst, pimples or nodules and they are very challenging to eliminate even when the most effective back acne scar treatment is used due to the skin indentations and dermis loss. Alternatively, it is also possible to have acne scars on back with no scratching, that will show up in brown or red spots on the skin, yet without the indentations, for that reason they are less complicated to manage.

1. Chemical Peels

  • The ingredients used as chemical resurfacing agents are efficient, particularly for enhancing the discolorations induced by acne and for stimulating new skin development, as they produce regulated injuries to the tissue, pushing it to repair in itself. Frequently used chemical peelers are salicylic acid, glycolic acid and phenol, all of them requiring a number of applications to totally eliminate back acne scars.

2. Punch excision and skin Grafting

  • For deeper scars, punch graft methods might be needed so as to recover the gorgeous look of the skin. This particular method is composed of eliminating a small piece of tissue surrounding the scar and repairing it with a punch graft taken from a much less noticeable location, normally the skin behind the ears. Even though the method leaves some tiny scars also, such scars are certainly less noticeable and unsightly as compared to back acne scars.

3. Home Remedies for Back Acne Scars

  • Such natural remedies are shown to alleviate the pigmentation in hyper-pigmented scars and to even out the depressions left by ruptured pimples. Even though they might not remove the problem totally, such home treatments are easy to get, simple to apply so they are certainly worth a try. One of the most well known natural remedy for scars is rose hip oil, Aloe vera gel and marigold ointment. All of these types of natural components have outstanding anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and astringent properties that can accelerate the skin recovery and regrowth process.

4. Pharmaceutical Creams

  • This form of back acne scar treatment is built upon the capacity of the active ingredients found in these creams to dissolve the weakened tissues, activating skin regrowth. To accomplish this objective, the products used should consist of high concentrations of very strong active ingredients that are able to cause collagen synthesis and to bring back the usual pigmentation of the skin tissues. A few of the active ingredients used in acne creams are vitamin C, retinol and glycolic acid, all of them with solid outcomes in improving the skin's look.

5. Dermabrasion Back Acne Scar Treatment

Dermabrasion for acne scar
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  • Acne scars on the back could be removed using microdermabrasion, a non intrusive method, that uses small crystals to eliminate the skin layer impaired by irregular pigmentation and depressions. The benefit of this particular treatment is that it induces the collagen secretion, so the skin can restore on its own more quickly and the healing time is limited to few hours, till the skin inflammation calms down.

6. Injectable Derma Fillers

  • It is less uncomfortable as compared to surgical methods. The back acne scar treatment consisting in injections with derma fillers such as collagen and hyaluronic acid enhance the look of your scars by smoothing the depressions. However, the results of this methods are only short-term and to maintain them you will definitely need to repeat the filling process regularly.

7. Laser therapy for Back Acne Scars

  • Laser resurfacing is mostly used in fixing irregular skin pigmentation and removing painful acne scars since it is a harmless and very efficient method. During the course of such treatment, a laser beam is used to wipe out the skin cells and to warm the underlying tissues, activating fibroblasts to generate new collagen. By doing this the skin repairs in itself, gaining back its soft look and regular pigmentation.
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